You will learn the secrets of peaking behind the curtain of time!  When you know the secrets of the future, you know of people's destiny and ultimate doom.  You'll dazzle while uncovering the secrets to Tarot  and Divination! Use this power wisely and never reveal too much - else lose you're ability forever! 

The magical properties of items and secret potion recipes which cause you instant states of psychic awareness! Also be given a proper education on how to cast those black magic spells you've  heard so much about as well learn from Abramelin the Mage himself. This membership is jam-packed with detailed magic instructions & secrets!

Look At Everything You're Getting...

Practical Magic For The Real Magus...

The Magus -- Book 1, Book 2
Two of the most studied books on REAL Magic ever written.  Banned by the church, accepted by adepts and wise men.  Details the subtle nature of all things occult, magical properties of the moon, plants, necromancy, tarot, divination... pretty much everything you need to know to become a practicing Magus yourself.

Occult Medicine & Practical Magic
By the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor (embodied Logos of Mars).  In depth look at magical healing and practical magic for everyday causes.  Uncovers the way of becoming a Gnostic Doctor.  Cures for all types of ailments and diseases.

The Necronomicon Spell Book
Become one with the darkness as you enlist the help of seemingly 'dark forces' to aid you in your respective causes.  Details specific invocations, magic words, procedures and ideas for all types of spell casting.

The Cursed Book of Dagon
Dangerous book of deadly magic and curses strictly banned from the church and numerous 'underground' sects and magic societies.

Basic Rituals & Spells
Great starting place for any aspiring sorcerer or magus.  Details everything you need to know about basic rituals and spell casting... plus some other stuff just for fun.

The Secrets To Occult Power
Here's a no bull copy of occult powers -- simply what works and nothing else.  Details procedures for generating mouth water lust in your direction, rapid streams of multiple income, curses, magical properties and much more. more courses, books, texts and works not advertised to the public.

Powerful Sex Magic Unveiled...

The Perfect Matrimony
Authored by the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor (embodied Logos of Mars).  This book contains the secrets of White Tantraism, creation of the Solar, or Angelic, bodies and creation of the Legendary Elixir of Long Life.

Mysteries of the Fire
By the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor (embodied Logos of Mars).  Contains details on raising the secret source of power known as Kundalini energy from the base of the spine upwards through the spinal column to awaken dormant magical powers. more sex magic books not advertised to the public.

Secret Societies Revealed...

The Freemasons -- A Secret Society Revealed
Ben Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, The Bush Family, Aleister Crowley and Ron Hubbard all have been members of this highly secretive socierty of Magic practitioners.  If you've ever thought there was a "higher power" pulling the strings... well, this is them.

The Order Of The Golden Dawn
Founded by the forefather of modern magick, Alesiter Crowley.  Also known as the dark monk and coined by the media as "The Wickedest Man Alive" after allegedly killing his colleague and friend M. Mathers with magick. 7 more secret society books not advertised to the public.

Self Mastery Explained...

The Master Key System
The Master Key System is simply one of the finest self improvement and Consciousness development books ever written.  C. Haanel leaves no stone unturned as revealing how to get wealthy to how to get healthy all using the power of your mind.  Read by Bill Gates just before creating Microsoft.

How To Win Friends & Influence People
Authored by Dale Carneige a self made millionaire who grew up dead broke and near homeless.  Yet through his art of winning friends and influencing people he was able to rise above all adversity and for his 50th birthday gave away 50 million to charity!  Very popular book. 14 more self mastery and mind power books not advertised to the public.

Discover REAL Sorcery & Gnosis ...

Three Mountains
By the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor (embodied Logos of Mars).  Unveils the trials and tribulations any aspiring magician or sorcerer must pass in order to obtain the famous 'magical powers'.

The Greater Mysteries
By the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor (embodied Logos of Mars).  Uncovers the secrets of the superior worlds, dream yogo, magic runes, mysteries of life and death, karma cycles and so forth.

Christ Will
By the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor (embodied Logos of Mars).  Detailing the nature of a perfect Will.

(Over 470 Books & Courses Not Shown)

You're getting every shred of paper, every page in every book, every secret that was ever worth illustrating -- all 25,000 pages and about 500 works -- a true magic library anyone would be proud to call their own.

  • All 500 works are 100% printer friendly!

  • Every book is in quality PDF format for online or offline viewing!

  • And it's all available instantly online as soon as you enroll!



I've personally taken the time to write up four exclusive courses on Magic and Sorcery just for beginners.  These are works you won't find anywhere else in the entire world and all of which I've sold for $25-$50 each on related websites.  I'm going to give you a website for sale all four of my quick-start, easy-to-read and do courses as a bonus for being brilliant and ordering today.

The Art of Commanding Spirits - Unleash a spirit army!  With this knowledge at your fingertips, you'll Learn to Take-Command over the 72 timeless spirits of the Goetia the easy way!  Written in plain English that you can understand.  Easy to follow with over 150 illustrations and photos, an absolute vital tool in any aspiring sorcerer's collection.  If you read just one book on REAL Magic, make it this one.

Tarot & Divination - Time is an illusion we can control.  Time is a term our human mind's coined up many years ago to organize the thoughts of changing matter all around us.   Based on ancient wisdom passed down from the heavens and stars above we have this exclusive, One-of-kind collection of Divination guides for You to Master!

Black Magic Spells - The most devastating guide to black magic ever released to the public.   Revealing the true secrets to amazing magical abilities like "Life Tap & Siphon Strength" where you learn how to steal life-energy from another being, "Sense the Dead", where you learn to sense evil forces around you and "Vampiric Aura!" These spells are not for the weak-minded!

Potion Mixology - Getting psychic powers might feel next to impossible.  This is common story for a lot of people.  But thanks the Potion Mixology book and Psychic Potion Kits, people everyday just like yourself are learning how to unleash the subtle powers of their minds.

(And don't forget about your two surprise bonuses at checkout!)

Answers to All Your Questions 24 Hours A Day

It's called a members only community and if you're serious about learning this stuff you'll need to join it as soon as you can.  Once a member you'll obtain answers to all your magic and sorcery questions because once you see the 'real stuff' -- you'll have questions.  And now with over 500 active members you'll get answers ASAP from actual magicians and sorcerers like myself.  I'm there almost everyday with my moderators helping out people like you.

  • Meet and chat with other brilliant minded people like yourself - girls & guys both welcome

  • Cast group spells and mass spirit evocations with friends and partners across the globe

  • Respectful rules enforced by knowledgeable staff to guarantee a constructive learning environment for everyone!

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Devour all my stuff for up to 90 days. If you aren't successful, I'll question your IQ, but I'll also give you a 100% refund. I only require that you let me know which things you tried and what didn't work for you, and how you used them.  If I see that you're REALLY trying, I may even help you personally.

If you can't see the tremendous value in this ultra-rare collection of occult knowledge than you don't belong here.  Everyone knows just two hard covered books from the book store will run you about 50 bucks.  You're getting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of books instantly and I'm not even going to make you wait in line!

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The Hexagram & Pentagram of King Solomon!
The Hexagram Amulet makes the Goetic spirits obedient to the wearer! And the Pentagram Amulet is a timeless magical devise - when used properly can render the sorcerer immune to attack from evil spirits!

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